All Her Little Secrets Wins a Lefty Award!!!

I am completely blown away! All Her Little Secrets won a Lefty Award for Best Debut Mystery Novel. This award is presented annually at the Left Coast Crime Convention and is voted on by attendees at the convention. This year’s convention was held at The Clyde Hotel in Albuquerque, New Mexico. While there, I met […]


MY BOOK!! All Her Little Secrets will be published in Brazil. And take a look at the cover 😍 The Portuguese translation of the title is Fatal Little Secrets. Oh yeah, that works!! Thank you to my Brazilian publisher Editora Nacional and my editor there, Luiza del Monaco. Thank you for believing in my little book […]

FINALLY!! All Her Little Secrets Launches November 2d

After years of chasing a dream, the day is nearly here! All Her Little Secrets launches on November 2d and I want all of you to join me for the virtual celebration. I will be in conversation with the New York Times bestselling author, Joshilyn Jackson on November 2d at 7:30 pm Eastern. Charis Books […]

All Her Little Secrets is in Entertainment Weekly!!

I am beyond excited to announce that the first three chapters of All Her Little Secrets will appear in Entertainment Weekly’s online magazine! Entertainment Weekly calls it the fall’s buzziest legal thriller. To read Chapter 1, click here. To read Chapter 2, click here. To read Chapter 3, click here.

Essence Magazine: 19 Books We Can’t Wait to Curl Up With This Fall

Imagine a young girl who grows up reading a magazine designed specifically for women and girls that look like her. This magazine publishes articles and stories about the the struggles and joys that get this young girl through all the emotions of being Black and female in America. Now imagine that same young girl grows […]

New Year… New Book Title

Happy New Year! My book, formerly known as The Elephant Fighter, has a new name … drumroll please … ALL HER LITTLE SECRETS!!! This title speaks to the essence of the novel and you are in for a wild, twisty, heartbreaking ride when Ellice Littlejohn, a corporate lawyer, gets a huge promotion and more than […]

It’s Official!

Wanda Morris’s debut THE ELEPHANT FIGHTER, an #OwnVoices thriller pitched in the vein of Shonda L. Rhimes’s HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER crossed with a tale of sibling love, loyalty, and the secrets we keep, to Asante Simons at William Morrow, at auction, in a two-book deal, by Lori Galvin at Aevitas Creative Management (NA). Rights: My book is slated […]