I have a new web site!

Hey Friends, As we count down to publication on November 2, 2021, I am pleased to share with you my brand new website! This website has all the boldness and badass energy you would expect from an author who writes about fierce female protagonists who brings down

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New Year… New Book Title

Happy New Year! My book, formerly known as The Elephant Fighter, has a new name … drumroll please … ALL HER LITTLE SECRETS!!! This title speaks to the essence of the novel and you are in for a wild, twisty, heartbreaking ride when Ellice Littlejohn,

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It’s Official!

Wanda Morris’s debut THE ELEPHANT FIGHTER, an #OwnVoices thriller pitched in the vein of Shonda L. Rhimes’s HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER crossed with a tale of sibling love, loyalty, and the secrets we keep, to Asante Simons at William Morrow, at auction, in a two-book deal,

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